Monday, December 31, 2012

Just Like a Walk In The Clouds

In this new year, I wish that my world becomes more like a walk  in the clouds: a place filled with happiness and harmony. A world where people from both sides of the border between México and the United States drink tequila together, and praise the land often, like many more should do. A world where my favorite actors (from both sides) work together, and speak English and Spanish "por igual."
Today I watched the movie "A walk in the clouds," for like the third of fourth time, and again, it made me cry. A white soldier returning from war, Paul, (Keanu Reeves) meets Victoria Aragón, (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), a Mexican-American college student  who gets accidentally pregnant and is returning home to face her mean dad (Freddy Rodriguez). Paul ofers to act as her husband for a day to help her, after having met in a very funny way, but he ends up staying every time he attempts to leave her house. Don Pedro Aragón, (Anthony Quinn), Victoria's grandfather, who through the films seems aware of what is going on, gets Paul drunk, and they sing mariachi together, deliver a serenade, and bond in a way that should be more common nowadays.

In fact, today I feel that every politician in the United States and México should be forced to watch the movie... Together. Perhaps, (I am imagining), this "requirement" would open the eyes of those with extreme views and those who have their hands tied by lobbies, and help them with do their job better, whatever their faith or political affiliation. Perhaps after watching this movie, these people will acquire just a little bit more of a global vision; which is desperately needed here, and and in many other places around the world. And everyone else should also watch the movie, just for fun, or if you want to transport yourself to a wonderful place, a jewel in troubled times, which could serve as an example of what could be.

I am not sure if many people watched "A walk in the clouds" in México, or how big of a hit it was. It came out the year that I got to this country, (1995), when I was in the middle of a culture shock, and didn't watch it until years later. Today it was played on  WTTV, my local public channel, and it was one of their best choices ever for feature film! I also know that it won the Golden Globes, USA, award for best original score. Aitana Sánchez-Gijon (the troubled girl) was also nominated for best actress by Fotogramas de Plata.

After the recents changes in our political history (the Arab Spring, Egypt's revolution, Tunisia, etc.), I have no doubt that good things are to come in 2013. President Obama's promise to try to fix the immigration system yesterday in Meet the Press gave a lot of hope to many people. It was also a smart move. If he achieves what President George W. Bush couldn't with a Republican majority, he will unite Mexico and the United States in a way that will completely change the political landscape in both places. And we need more unity in these times to resolve issues like gun control and climate change. We need more Don Pedros and Pauls, not more guns or barriers!

I hope that all of us have a great New Year. In 2012 I familiarized myself more with death, as she was closer to me than ever. I lost one of my best friends, Bena Sanmiguel, whom I was not able to see for almost ten years. Bena helped me in fragile times and I will always have her in my heart. She also showed me how to stay strong until the end. Many of my favorite artists also died. The one that most hurt me was Whitney Houston, whom I would listen to while mopping floors at a restaurant when I was 12 or 13 years old, back in México. She got me through hard times (and 12-hour plus workdays). 

We also lost Jenni Rivera, and I realized once more how cruel and discriminating media can be. Nobody in the United States (in its English-speaking, non-Hispanic world) knew about her until her death, almost like Selena, and I swear that I even heard a BBC commentator on the radio laugh, when she couldn't guess Jenni's name in a list of the ten most famous people (or something like that) who have died this year. I think that many in the media should also watch "A walk in the clouds."