Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dragging feet

It is already April, and it feels like New Year's was just a few weeks ago. This winter did not feel so bad here in Chicago, although it was a very wet one. I found myself getting my feet wet on slushy sidewalks quite a few times, that's for sure. Oh, and then  there is the broken heater that made me pass the coldest nights I'd had since I lived in that run-down house in Pilsen a few years ago.

The weather was great today for our standards. We had 39° Fahrenheit for a few hours, and it was a relief for us. At least 39° is much better than the 10° or 20 degrees we had for weeks in January and February, that's for sure. I went thrift shopping (popping tags, lol) and walked, my favorite remedy to kill boredom and stress.

I am very excited for all the things going on right now in the United States. I might be finally be able to marry someone soon, now that the Supreme Court is holding hearings that could strike DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) which federally bans benefits to same-sex couples. The highest court is also hearing arguments against and for California's proposition H8, which bans marriages between people of the same gender in that state as well. And if any of these two laws, that could have positive and historic impact for the LGBT community.

The arrival of some sunny days has helped me greatly with stress and depression. I can definitely feel the influence as we get closer to our star. During the winter I barely wanted to get out of the house, unless it was to go to work or run errands. Chicago stays gloomy for months, making me practice what I call hibernation (just like bears), and the 4p.m. sunsets did not help at all either.

At least I am happy that I started this blog this winter. It helped me a lot emotionally, giving me something to do now that I don't have school and don't work that many hours. I just hope that I'm motivated to write more often in the months to come. If you are reading this, I thank you very much, and I hope that you continue to read me and become my friend. 

Immigration reform is also at the front of the political scene, and that has me very excited as well. If those supporting it are successful, millions of us will be able to see our families again very soon. And we should not underestimate what regularization would bring to the United States and México. Things are going to be very different, as those coming out of the shadows will certainly hold politicians in both countries accountable.

I'm tired of living month to month. I love my jobs, but I have no extra money left to go back to school and get my Master's, and I cannot get any help. I need to get my head out of my butt and look for something else to do soon. I'm tired of boring office jobs, and management jobs that force you to work 60+ hours and take away your life. I'm tired of this underground economy.