Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dreaming of the Rio Grande Valley

Last night I had another one of my crazy dreams. I somehow found myself in the Texas Rio Grande valley, hiding from something that I cannot remember anymore. I lived modestly with relatives and friends in a rural McAllen, or maybe it was Hidalgo? There were lots of drugs around, too, and I seemed to be caught in a vicious cirlce that was not helping my existence at all. I was hanging out a lot along the river with many others, and I swear that it must've been the early 1900s.

McAllen is a border city in South Texas, an area in which many relatives have lived for generations. Since we are children, people from my native Montemorelos, Nuevo León, grow up hearing stories about how great McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley are. I thought the same of them when I first visited the area, but my opinion changed when I came to Chicago and I realized that there was much more to see if I ventured even more north.

Why I had a dream of me being in McAllen in a troubled situation, I'm still not sure. I only wanted to live there many years ago, before I came to Chicago. Although I've always loved the idea of being able to live close to the border, and drive down to Montemorelos to see my family every couple of weeks or so. My hometown is only a couple of hours away from the border if you drive. I also love Reynosa, just across the border, and I used to think a lot about going there to party if I ever lived in the Valley.

Maybe it was all this talk about immigration that is happening right now that made me have this crazy dream. Or maybe it was the heavy dinner that I had last night. It could have even been the noise made by the city workers who have been working on the sewer day and night right outside my apartment. Gosh, I hope they finish soon!

Whatever the reason was, one day soon, I hope to see the Rio Grande Valley again, cross the river going south, and pass Reynosa on my way to Montemorelos, to see my dear family. I might even party a little in McAllen and visit relatives and old friends, before crossing to the other side. I keep thinking of how much the area must've changed since I was last there. Those are going to be good times! ♥♥