Sunday, May 12, 2019

Funeral for Ann Larsen, the Cat Rescuer

It was not long after my return from Dallas, fifteen years ago. I was able to secure a studio in the Issel Building, which is on Clark Street in Uptown. One day, as I was to leave the house, a sweet, blonde lady a few doors down was just arriving and when I turned to look at her she said "hello." She must have been in her sixties, dressed elegantly, and I liked her right away.

I am Ann," she said, "and I find homes for cats." She handed me some cards with her name on them, and from that day on we were best friends. Ann was super smart in any subject you can name. She loved the Roosevelts and the Royals from Britain. She also enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. But cats were her biggest love. That is why at one point she had fifteen of them in her apartment.

Unfortunately, Ann left this World last Tuesday, and I am the only person she ever had. I became her guardian a couple of months ago and we were trying to have her released from The Carlton at the Lake but death got in the way.

Ann never talked about any relatives, her jobs, love life or riches. It turned out that she suffered from severe multiple personality disorder. I never had the slightest hint of that. And that may be why Ann never talked about her past. Something so painful must have happened to her when she was a child.

Now Ann and I need help so she can be laid to rest peacefully. I would like to give her a proper burial, and have a nice headstone made for her. All of your help will be greatly appreciated.

Clara Ann Larsen Johnson was born on December 31st of 1936 in Escanaba, Michigan. Her parents were Olaf Larsen and Agnes Linnea Johnson. A GoFundMe page has been created in her honor at

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