Sunday, December 7, 2014

Black Lives Matter

A march against police brutality passed by my building earlier today. "White Supremacy is Evil," read one of the protest signs. This was one of the many demonstrations that churches and young people in Chicago and around the United States organized today. The demonstrators blocked many intersections by staging die-ins, while this national movement keeps growing. Sadly, my back wouldn't let me, or I would have joined.♥♥♥

"Our brothers and sisters are dying in the street, just because of police brutality. We got to stop killing one another!" said one of the pastors in this protest at 47th and Cottage, in the South Side of Chicago. 

Police brutality also affects Hispanics disproportionally. Racism among Hispanics is also a big problem.  I am so sad that many of my friends tell me that they don't like African Americans, and they are not racist. And I hate it when they tell me that they will have them as friends, but that's just about it. That is also racism. Confront it.

#BlacklivesMatter #LasVidasAfroamericanastambiénvalen

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